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Bouquet Designer
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  • +7 (495) 032-25-05
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    Regional sales: 
    Tel.: +7 (981) 878 30 76, +7 (911) 971 62 96


    Our sales offices: 

    119B Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue, Saint-Petersburg  
    Tel.: +7 (981) 728 42 67


    48A Verkhnie Polya Street, Moscow

    Tel.: +7(915) 040 87 96, +7(915) 040 87 39


    16 building 3 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, Moskovskaya Region

    Tel.: +7(915) 040 85 23


    8 Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya Street, Krasnodar

    Tel.  +7 (988) 622-73-27


    3A Beketova Street, Nizhniy Novgorod

    Tel.:. +7 (915) 950-18-85, +7 (911) 017-45-86


    Production facility:
    1 Zavodskaya Street, Syasstroy, Volkhovskiy District, Leningradskaya Region

    Details Closed-Type Company "Novaya Gollandiya"

    Wholesale deliveries can be shipped to all Russian regions. Thanks to streamlined operation of our facility, we minimize the lead time between ordering and selling of cut flowers. Thus, we can ensure freshness and high quality. We never use conserving agents or freeze our roses, because we can promptly deliver flowers to the regions. Novaya Gollandiya offers guaranteed deliveries of fresh, nice-looking and environmental-friendly flowers grown by a Russian producer. Key advantages of doing business with Novaya Gollandiya are as follows: 

    • Dutch breeds, imported planting materials
    • State-of-the-art construction technologies and best practices in the field of flower production
    • Advanced irrigation and process automation systems
    • Quality assurance at all flower life-cycle stages
    • Skilled workers who receive field training in the Netherlands
    • Professional team of agriculturists
    • We ensure optimized environment to grow our roses
    • Modern glass greenhouses are equipped to maintain automated climate adjustments, drip irrigation and artificial lighting. Thus, we are not affected by weather or climate and can maintain high yield throughout the year
    • Our operations are exclusively based on the Dutch rose cultivation technology
    • Sticks are sourced from the Netherlands
    • The quality assurance team of Novaya Gollandiya carefully checks each rose after cutting.